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Perth's Leading Residential Expert

Antony Svilicich is a Registered Architect who has specialised in residential design for over 28 years. His numerous projects have included new homes, extensions, renovations and interior home design for many clients with various budgets.

The  Perfect  Home


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the perfect home?


  • Would your perfect home be different from all the boring cookie cutter designs being built by the big builders?
  • Would your perfect home make a statement?
  • Would your perfect home be beautiful on the outside and inside and never date?
  • Would your perfect home have a stunning kitchen and ensuite that are the envy of all your friends?
  • Would living in your perfect home feel like you’re living in an exclusive luxury resort?
  • Would your perfect home be unique and custom designed to exactly suit your needs and lifestyle requirements?
  • Would your perfect home be cool in summer and warm in winter but significantly reduce your energy bills?
  • Would your perfect home have great resale value if you ever decided to sell?


If you would like to have your perfect home, call Antony Svilicich for a 20 minute obligation free chat to discuss your project. He will assess your specific situation and advise you if he can help you to achieve your perfect home.