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Residential Design Specialist

Antony Svilicich is a Registered Architect with over 25 years experience specialising in residential design. During that time he has designed new homes, extensions and renovations for many clients with various budgets.

The  Perfect  Home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in your perfect home?

The perfect home is one where you and your family will love living in, love spending time in and love coming home to. A home that’s cool in summer and warm in winter without costing you a fortune in energy bills.

It just feels right when you walk into a well designed home. A home where thought has been put into how you live in the house, what you like doing in your home and when you like doing it.

Your home is a reflection of who you are, but more importantly it should be a place of peace where you can relax. A place where you can be yourself, unwind and escape the everyday stresses of the outside world.

The truth is anybody can design a house…………an Architect, a building designer, a draftsperson, or maybe even you could design a house. However, a house is not the perfect home unless it has been designed by an expert that specialises in residential home design.

Antony Svilicich has specialised in Perth residential home design for over 25 years. His custom designed homes have had a massive impact on the quality of life for his clients and their families.

If you want to live in your perfect home, contact Antony Svilicich the Perth Residential Architect.