Why  Choose  Us? (Perth  Architect  Design  &  Build)


We  Use  the  Design  &  Build  Method  

This  Ensures  Your  Building  Project  is  Built  on  Time  and  on  Budget


We are the only Perth Architect using the design & build method for custom home design projects.  Most architects operate using the traditional method. For example, a client will appoint an architect for their project. The architect will design the building for the client and produce all the relevant drawings and specification for the project.

The architect will then choose several builders (depending on the project size) to provide a cost or price for the project. This process is called tendering. Whilst this process provides a competitive price for the client, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the lowest price will be within the client’s budget.


The biggest problem with the tendering process is that the builder has not been involved from the very outset of the project. Architects and consultants will design the project without any input from the builder.

Whilst architects are great at designing, they are not experts at building or construction costs. An architect won’t be able to give you accurate figures and quantities that a builder can provide.


Perth Residential Architect  provides a vertically integrated approach (design & build method). When we are appointed as your architect, we will select a builder that is the most suitable for your job. That decision will be based on your specific project requirements, the complexity of the job, your timeframe and your budget.

We will then work and consult with that builder from the very outset. When we have completed an assessment of your needs and requirements, the builder will be able to advise if your project is achievable based on your budget. It’s extremely important to get this feedback before proceeding any further with the process.


The builder will also be able to provide us with costing information throughout each stage of the process to ensure your project will be built within your budget.


We have several excellent builders that we deal directly with. These builders are not large building companies but boutique builders that specialise in residential building. They provide excellent build quality for a good price. We don’t deal with cheap and nasty builders because we wouldn’t want them building our home. So why would we want them building yours?

Perth Architect design & build

Perth  Home  Design  Guides


We have developed these unique home design guides for people wanting to build their perfect dream home. These guides were developed as a result of 30 years of expertise and experience designing new homes as well as extensions and renovations for clients all over the Perth metropolitan area.

Please feel free to download the guides.

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How  to  Prepare  for  Your  Design  Project   Guide

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