We  Provide  a  One  on  One  Customised  Service

You  Deal  Directly  With  the  Principal  Who  is  the  Design  and  Project  Architect  For  Your  Job


Whether you are building a new home or renovating and extending an existing property, we are here to help you get the perfect design for your project.

The most important factor in making sure you get the perfect design is listening to you and understanding want you need and want.

In order to get the perfect design, the architect dealing with you throughout the process should be the architect that designs your project.

This ensures that nothing is lost in translation between different staff members. The person that designs your project needs to have a genuine understanding of you and your specific needs and requirements.

Many other architects will have the principal or director meet with you initially and talk to you about your project requirements.

They will then go back to the office and brief one of the design architects about your job, who will then go about producing a concept design.

The problem with this is that critical and important information about you and your project may get lost in translation.

The design architect who has never met you and probably never will, may not be aware of your specific needs and wants.

This is usually a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, you probably won’t  get the design that you want and deserve.

If you do get the design you want, it will probably take considerably longer because you aren’t dealing directly with the design architect.

There could be many design changes required before you are satisfied with the design. This can take time and may affect the overall timeframe of your project as well as cost you money.

At Perth Residential Architect we have a different approach. Antony Svilicich, the principal, will personally deal with you during all the different stages of the project.

He will also be directly involved with the design process from concept design through to construction drawings.

Antony personally prepares the concept design as well as doing any design changes. He also prepares the planning application to council if required.

Antony is not just the principal but also the design architect. This one on one personalised service ensures that we deliver the highest possible standards to our clients.

Perth  House  Design  Guides


At Perth Residential Architect we love designing homes for people and want to help our potential clients AND anyone else that is about to start their building project. Building your dream home is an incredibly exciting time and one of life’s greatest journeys.

The following guides were developed as a result of 30 years of expertise and experience designing new homes as well as extensions and renovations for clients all over the Perth metropolitan area.

Hopefully these guides will be of benefit to you as you begin your journey.

We wish you the very best with your project and hope that the dreams you have for your home are totally fulfilled and more.

Please feel free to download the guides.

The  Perfect  New  Home  Design  Guide

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How  to  Prepare  for  Your  Design  Project  Guide

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The  Architect's  Renovation  Guide

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