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Perth  Architect  Providing  Advice  for  People  Wanting  to  Buy  the  Best  Block  


Zoning  and  Open  Space  Requirements

The zoning and the minimum open space requirements (as per the R-Codes) of the block, will determine the maximum ground floor area of a house allowed on the site.

This is very important if you want to build a single storey home.

If the block isn’t large enough to accommodate the size of the new house and the minimum open space required, then a single storey home may not be possible.

This may result in you having to build a two storey house, which is considerably more expensive.


Solar  Orientation

The solar orientation of the block will ultimately affect the energy efficiency of the new home.

Poor solar orientation will result in more energy required to heat and cool the home throughout the year.

This means higher energy bills.


Adjoining  Buildings

The block needs to be assessed to determine if it has opportunities for views and how proposed or existing adjoining buildings will have an impact on the site.

Adjoining buildings have the potential to cause overshadowing to outdoor living areas and courtyards.

They can also result in a loss of privacy and block access to cooling breezes, which can be used to naturally cool the house in summer.


Block  Slope

The slope of the block may cause problems with the type of home you want to build.

Usually,  sloping blocks may require additional site works which will add to the overall construction cost.


Setbacks  (Distance  From  Boundaries)

The setbacks may also affect the type and size of house you want to build on the site.

If the setbacks are too restrictive, then you may have to re-assess the design of your proposed home.

Or, you may need to look for another block.


Irregular  Shaped  Blocks

A custom designed home by a Registered Architect will take into account any irregularities such as block shape and slope.


As a specialist residential Perth architect, we can provide you with expert advice so that you choose the best block for your new house building project.

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