new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect

Perth  New  Home  Architect   


New  Homes  vs  Extensions  &  Renovations

Renovating and extending a home is always going to be a compromise, because you are working with the structure of an existing building. Although existing walls can be moved to suit, the overall layout of the home may not be exactly as you would like. The end product may be quite adequate, but it may not be ideal from your point of you.


There are some homes which do lend themselves quite well to being modified. A Property Analysis and Client Needs Report by your architect will be able to establish the possibilities and whether it is worthwhile modifying a home or starting from scratch.


When you are building a new home your architect will be able to meet all your needs and requirements, without having to worry about an existing structure, which may be too costly to modify.


Cost  Benefits

Generally speaking a new home costs less to build per square metre than extending an existing home. However, that will ultimately depend on the overall extent and complexity of each individual project.


Choosing  the  Right  Block

One of the key ingredients to having a great design for your new home is having the right block. Having a block with the right solar orientation for example will make it easy for your architect to maximise the energy efficiency of your new home.


If you haven’t already got a block to build your new house, it’s a great idea to employ an architect to advise you as to whether the block you are looking at buying is going to be suitable for the type of house you want to build. The architect will be able to advise you of any restrictions you might face.


For example, council regulations, complying with design codes, the slope and shape of the block, having the right solar orientation and also whether the block is in a designated bushfire prone area. If you don't get this early expert advice, you will buy the wrong block for your project, which will ultimately cost you a lot of money and time in the long run.


Custom  Design

Your new home should be custom designed so that it meets all of your specific needs. But even more than that it should specifically suit your individual lifestyle. The way you want to feel living in the home is also an important consideration that needs to be considered by your architect.


There are many new home designs on the market being offered by various builders. Unfortunately, none of those designs take into consideration your specific needs and requirements, or your specific block. They are tailored for the mass market. It should also be noted that most of those designs have not been done by a Registered Architect.

Perth  Home  Design  Guide


We have developed this unique home design guide for people wanting to build their perfect dream home. The guide was developed as a result of 30 years of expertise and experience designing new homes for clients all over the Perth metropolitan area.

Please feel free to download the guide.


The  Perfect  New  Home  Design  Guide

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