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As well as providing architectural design services, we also offer an interior design service. So, there is no need to employ a separate interior designer for your project. It’s very important to have the same person designing your home as well as designing your interior spaces. This ensures that your home flows from the outside through to the inside.  

Before you buy a block to build your dream home, it’s very important to make sure the block you buy is going to suit the type of home you want. If you don’t already have a block for your new house, we can help you choose a block that is going to best suit your specific building project.

Or, if you want to buy a home that you want to renovate, we can also help you with that as well.

Buying the wrong property can be a costly mistake. This is best avoided by getting the right advice from a professional, ideally the architect that is going to be designing your new home. We are the only Perth architect that provides all of these services.

As well as providing a range of service packages, we can customise a package that will suit your individual project requirements. We understand that not all people and projects are the same. Sometimes the services we provide need to be tailored to the individual client and their specific needs.

With each package we offer our unique design and build  service. This ensures that not only is your budget and timeframe met, but at the same time the build quality of your project is maintained.

Perth  Home  Design  Guides


We have developed these unique home design guides for people wanting to build their perfect dream home. These guides were developed as a result of 30 years of expertise and experience designing new homes as well as extensions and renovations for clients all over the Perth metropolitan area.

Please feel free to download the guides.

The  Perfect  New  Home  Design  Guide

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How  to  Prepare  for  Your  Design  Project  Guide

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The  Architect's  Renovation  Guide 

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