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Antony Svilicich is a Registered Architect and Principal of Perth Residential Architect.

After graduating from the University of Western Australiain 1988, Antony worked for several architectural firms prior to becoming a director of a small Fremantle practice in 1991.

He remained with that firm until 2017 when he decided to start his own practice, Perth Residential Architect, in the same year.


Being able to provide client’s with the best value for money was Antony’s motivation to start his own firm.

The traditional method of tendering a project once all the drawings and specification were done was not a cost effective approach.

Although it provides client’s with a competitive price, it doesn’t guarantee that a client’s budget will be met.


Working directly with a builder from the beginning was the key to giving client’s the best value for money.

Having the builder work together with the architect from the early design stage of a project, ensures that the client’s budget is adhered too.

The potential for cost blowouts and time delays is eliminated.


Perth Residential Architect uses this Design and Build approach to give client’s the best value for their money.

Working with a number of quality Perth builders from the beginning of a project gives the client peace of mind, that their budget will be met and that the build quality of their home will not be compromised.

Being able to select from a group of builders allows Perth Residential Architect the flexibility to match the most appropriate builder for each individual building project.


During his career Antony has designed many different types of buildings, but his specialty and focus since the early 1990’s has been residential design.

“Being able to change lives for the better by providing the best design possible for client’s and their family is the most rewarding aspect of my job. Totally fulfilling their needs and requirements and giving them a home they love living in, is a very special pleasure I get when a project is completed,”  according to Antony.


As well as being the Principal, Antony is also the design architect.

Antony deals directly with all his clients during the various stages of the project, to ensure he can fulfill all their needs and requirements.

Design work is not passed onto another staff member to complete, as is the case with many other firms. Antony is the person you deal directly with and he is the person that designs your home.

Perth  Home  Design  Guides


We have developed these unique home design guides for people wanting to build their perfect dream home. These guides were developed as a result of 30 years of expertise and experience designing new homes as well as extensions and renovations for clients all over the Perth metropolitan area.

Please feel free to download the guides.

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How  to  Prepare  for  Your  Design  Project  Guide

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The  Architect's  Renovation  Guide

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