perth home renovations architect
perth home renovations architect
perth home renovations architect
perth home renovations architect
perth home renovations architect
perth home renovations architect

Perth  Home  Renovations  Architect

Why and What to Renovate

Home renovations can vary considerably in extent but ultimately the goal is to enhance and improve the appearance and functioning of a home both internally and externally.

Most people would consider home renovations as a daunting task. In fact, renovating a Perth home can be the most cost effective option as far as increasing the value of your property. House renovations may be as simple as re-painting, or it could involve the total refurbishment of a home. This could include :

  • replacing existing light fittings with new fittings
  • replacing existing curtains and blinds with new window treatments


Renovations can also include changing the appearance of an existing roof. This can provide a dramatic effect to the exterior of a Perth home. Options include painting the existing roof, or the complete removal and replacement of the existing roofing material. The downside of painting an existing roof is that it will require on-going maintenance down the track.


Many older Perth homes have tired and dated face brick walls which can be either painted or rendered. Rendering is the more expensive of the two options but it provides a cleaner and more contemporary look.

Perth home renovations that involve the possible removal of existing internal walls could also increase the functioning and flexibility of house. However, removing internal walls needs to be considered carefully within the constraints of the budget. It may require structural modifications to the roof structure such as additional support beams. However, the final outcome can be amazing both visually and from a functional point of view.


Although not actually part of the house, the external landscaping is also an important aspect of any property. Upgrading it will not only improve the value of your home but it will also contribute to your health and psychological well being. Well designed landscaping can make a dramatic visual impact to a home. If possible it should be designed in such a way so that the landscaping can be viewed from inside the home, in order to maximise its effect.

How Much Do I Spend?

Although it depends on individual circumstances, with most Perth home renovations it's important not to over capitalise. This is especially important if the intention is to sell the property. Antony Svilicich will advise you which aspects of your home renovation will achieve the best value for money.

Speak to an Expert

It's difficult for most people to visualise what can be done to change and improve the look and functioning of their existing home. As a specialist residential Architect, Antony prides himself on creating imaginative and functional solutions to all types of renovations irrespective of complexity and size. Over the past 25 years he has completed numerous house renovations which have ranged from changing an existing kitchen or bathroom to a total refurbishment of an existing tired and dated home.


Antony's home renovation design services cater for all individual tastes, budgets and needs, whether it's a simple or complex home renovation.

An initial meeting at the home with the client is required in order to establish their specific requirements. Antony will then design and prepare all the architectural drawings, select colours and materials and carry out site inspections during construction if required.