perth home extensions architect
perth home extensions architect
perth home extensions architect
perth home extensions architect

Perth  Home  Extensions  Architect 

Should an Extension Match the Existing Home?

Home extensions can either match your existing house or they can be completely different in style. There is no right or wrong answer. Some real estate agents will argue that an extension completed in the same style as the existing house will have greater re-sale value.

This may be the case if the house is of architectural significance, or a heritage home. However, if the exisiting house has no architectural value then an extension in a contrasting style may actually enhance it. There have been many modern extensions to existing heritage homes that look fantastic. This is because the new extension contrasts and emphasises the features of the existing home.


Many people are unaware that double storey home extensions are more expensive than single storey home extensions. However, single storey home extensions are not always possible due to block size. Double storey extensions are sometimes preferred by clients, especially if the intention is to capture specific views such as the ocean, river or a park.

Can I Live in the Home During Construction?

With two storey home extensions there is a possibility that clients will need to find alternative accomodation during the construction stage. With single storey home extensions there is a higher chance that clients will be able to live in the house while it's being extended. However, that will depend on the overall extent and complexity of the project. Clients living in the home during construction is not ideal from a builder's point of view. However, it does save money for a client not having to relocate and pay rent for accomodation during construction.

Issues to Consider

Other issues that need to be carefully considered with two storey home extensions, include overlooking issues into neighbour's properties, as well as building bulk and scale. Theses issues are very important with regard to getting approval from the council.

As a residential design specialist, Antony Svilicich takes all factors into consideration when designing a home extension. Theses factors include the client's brief, as well as council regulations. This involves extensive initial consultation with the local council to ensure that the design meets all the required regulations.

Speak to an Expert

Home extensions can prove to be difficult if not designed by a residential design specialist. If you get the wrong advice and design, your home extension can become a very costly mistake.


Antony's home extension design service caters for all budgets, tastes and client's needs. For over 25 years he has been involved in the design of many home extensions in the Perth metropolitan area. These have included both single and double storey extensions.

Antony's services includes the design and preparation of architectural drawings as well as the selection of colours and materials for the project. Site inspections of the building work during construction can also be provided.