subdividing or developing your Perth property

Perth  Architect  Subdividing  and  Developing  Your  Perth  Property



The subdivision and development potential of a property will depend on the zoning (R-Code) of the property and the block size. Generally, the higher the zoning the more dwellings (units) that can be built on the land.

Your Architect can advise you if the property has any subdivision and development potential.


Other  Considerations

There are other factors that may also affect the subdivision and development potential of a property.

These include the local council’s own unique set of guidelines (Town Planning Policy), the shape and slope of the block, easements, as well as sewer and drainage issues.

Also, depending on the location and significance of the home, there could be heritage restrictions that may limit the development potential of the property.

Your Architect can give you advice as to how, or if these issues will affect you.


Keeping  The  Existing  Home

Sometimes it's possible to retain the existing home on the block whilst subdividing or developing the rear of the property.

Firstly, there needs to be sufficient distance (setback) between the side boundary and the existing home. This is required to allow vehicular access to the rear block or units, as per the Residential Design Codes.

If there is the required setback, then there is no need to demolish or modify the existing home. The house can then be retained and renovated to form part of the development.

However, if there isn't the required distance from the boundary, the existing house can sometimes be modified to achieve the required setback.


Demolishing  The  Existing  Home

If the position of the existing home on the block is not ideal, it may affect maximising the potential number of units on the property.

If that is the case, it may be better to demolish the existing house.  This would allow you to build the maximum number of units on the land or subdivide it into the maximum number of lots.

Every property is different and there is no specific formula that can be applied to every property in Perth.

Your Architect can advise you if the existing house can be retained as part of the development, or if it needs to be demolished in order to maximise the development potential of the property.


Heritage  Properties

If you are looking at developing a property with a heritage listed house on the block, you need to know what restrictions there are on the property.

If the house can't be demolished, then it may limit your ability to maximise the development potential of the property.

Some councils offer developers concessions and bonuses if the existing heritage home can be retained or somehow incorporated into the development.

As a specialist residential Perth architect we are available to assist you with subdividing and developing your property.

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