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An important factor in having a successful project is making sure you have the right property. If you haven’t already got a block to build your new home, or property to renovate, it’s vital that you get an expert in before you make that purchase.

Buying the wrong property will not only mean potentially not being able to build what you want, but it will more than likely cost you more money in the long run. Some potential issues could be :

    • Compliance with the Residential Design Codes (ie zoning and open space requirements, boundary and street setbacks etc).
    • Compliance with local council Town Planning Policy. In addition to the Residential Design Codes almost all councils have their own individual policy, which needs to be complied with. Town Planning Policy’s usually but not always override the Residential Design Codes.
    • Compliance with specific new residential subdivision Design Guidelines which need to be taken into consideration with the above two issues (ie if it’s a new subdivision).
    • Compliance with the Heritage Act if the existing building has heritage value.
    • The location of the sewer can affect where you can build on the property.
    • The slope of the block may require additional site works which may add to the overall construction cost and affect your budget.
    • Solar orientation of the block will affect the energy efficiency of your home.
    • Is the property in a designated bushfire prone area? If so, then this introduces a number of design, specification and construction issues that need to be complied with. Having to comply with these extra requirements may add to the construction cost of your home.


An expert will understand the above issues. Don’t wait until you have purchased a property to find your architect. When you think you’ve found the right property, your architect can assess the property for you.

As a specialist residential Perth architect, we provide property advice to help you find the ideal property for your building project.

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