new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect
new perth home design architect

New  Home  Design    

Residential Design Specialist

Antony Svilicich wants to provide his clients with a new home design that is the ideal solution to their requirements. As a residential design specialist, he takes great satisfaction when working on a new home design. A feature of his designs is the combination of inside spaces with outdoor areas. Linking the indoor areas with the outdoor garden has proven health and psychological benefits for the occupants of a home.

New Home vs Renovation & Extension

Being able to start with a "clean slate" gives an architect unlimited scope compared to designing a renovation and extension project. Renovating and extending an existing home will always be a compromise because you are working with the structure of an existing building.

Cost Benefits 

Construction costs per square metre are generally lower for new homes compared to renovations and extensions. However, that will ultimately depend on the overall extent and complexity of each individual project.

Custom Design

All of Antony's new home designs are designed specifically for each individual client and tailored to their specific needs. His designs are essentially a reflection of the client's individual lifestyle requirements based on their specific budget. As a result, all of Antony's designs are uniquely different.

Checking the Block

After initially meeting the client to establish their requirements, Antony will then visit the block in order to determine the possibilities and problems of building a new home on the site.

Sustainable Design

When designing a new home, Antony addresses climatic factors such as solar orientation and prevailing winds which are specific to each individual block. This ensures that the thermal comfort of the spaces within the home will be maximised and household energy running costs will ultimately be reduced. This emphasis on energy efficiency and maintenance minimisation provides clients with immediate and long term financial benefits. Antony makes it a priority that all his new home designs are sustainable.


Antony's new home design services include the design and preparation of architectural drawings, selection of colours and materials as well as site inspections of the work during construction. Whether it's a small or large new home project, Antony's services cater for all individual tastes and needs. He caters for all budgets and services all suburbs within the Perth metropolitan area.