Good  Design  Improves  Health


The houses we live in affect our psyche as well as our bodies. Scientific research has shown that a well designed Perth home by a residential design Architect can have a significant impact on people’s health and well being.

Studies have identified benefits that include improved health outcomes, psychological wellbeing, reduced stress, improved cognitive performance and better quality of life.

For your Perth home to achieve these health and psychological benefits, there are 3 essential factors that need to be considered when it's being designed :

      1.  The interior spaces need to be connected to nature and outdoor garden areas.
      2.  Natural daylight needs to be maximised inside the home.
      3.  The use of timber inside the home.


Connecting  to  Nature  and  Outdoor  Gardens

People in Perth are spending more of their time indoors and less time in our natural environment.

Research demonstrates that by simply having a view of the natural environment from a window, can have multiple physiological and psychological benefits to human health.

Homes that connect people to nature are more supportive of human emotional wellbeing than houses lacking these features.

Over the past several decades, research in a variety of fields has shown that houses which connect people to nature and gardens, provide emotional and physiological benefits.

Apart from providing a place to escape to, the benefits of a well designed garden that is connected to the home, include reducing stress levels and improving a person’s mood.

Visual connections to outdoor areas give us a sense of space and freedom, which ultimately leads to a feeling of contentment.

A home that has been designed well will have an enhanced connection to its surroundings and will help you and your family feel more engaged with your outdoor environment.

Large areas of glass, especially to living areas allow natural light into the home, which helps connect the indoor living areas to the outdoor gardens.


Let  There  Be  Light

There is a direct relationship between natural light and human happiness, which is why humans have always been drawn to spaces that have good natural light.

People are drawn to surrounding themselves in natural light not only because of the feeling and emotion they get, but because it’s good for us.

Natural light increases the sense of space inside a home and provides health benefits which include a positive impact on mood and mental health.

Direct sunlight in interior spaces is also beneficial but needs to be carefully controlled in order to limit the heat gain inside the house.

International research shows that increased levels of natural daylight in a home stimulates the production of both vitamin D and seratonin in our bodies.

Vitamin D and seratonin aid mental, as well as spiritual and physical health. Conversely, studies have shown that reduced levels of natural light increases the incidence of depression, anxiety, ill health and prolongs recovery from illness.

Research also indicates that Perth homebuyers want homes with lots of natural light.

Having enough natural light will not only improve the liveability of your home for you and your family, but will also maximise your return when you sell your property.

The clever use of glass in living areas to maximise the amount of natural daylight entering your house, not only improves the internal appearance of your home, but also increases its market value.


Wood  Is  Good

People are attracted to timber because it generates feelings of warmth and comfort and also because of its natural look and feel.

Although most people don’t realise the health and wellbeing benefits of wood, research has shown that having timber in your home has positive effects on the human body and brain.

Exposure to wood in your Perth home has health and wellbeing benefits which have similar effects on people when spending time in nature.

The natural warmth and comfort of timber reduces blood pressure and heart rates, as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

Studies have shown that exposure to environments over the long term that induce stress can cause serious health problems, including obesity, type 2 diabetes and related cardiac problems.

Research also indicates that exposure to stress during childhood and adolescence increases the probability of people developing stress-related mental problems later in life. It can also influence the timing of puberty.

Studies have shown that wood in the home improves indoor air quality by monitoring humidity. Timber absorbs and releases moisture to maintain equilibrium with the surrounding air.

As a result timber absorbs moisture from the air when it’s humid and then releases it when the conditions are dry.

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